About Us

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About Us at Warner Heating & Air

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Warner Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC is a full service Furnace and Air Conditioning company based out of Riverton, Utah. We provide professional heating and cooling services all along the Wasatch Front. We understand summer can be long and hot without properly working central air conditioning. Are you suffering from a lack of energy that is drained from the heat? Take care of is this year with new central air unit install.

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Owner/Operator Who Cares About His Customers

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Shane Smock is the owner/operator of Warner Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC in Riverton, Utah. Shane believes in selling only the highest quality equipment and doing the best job possible for every customer. Shane’s goal is to build a relationship with customers, so they will call him in the future when needs arise.

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Shane has Years of Experience for the Highest Quality Installation

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Shane has been in the business for 25 years. He has seen it all. He can install a furnace in even the tightest or trickiest situation. He’s done years of residential and commercial HVAC installations. He pays attention to detail and ensures that every job complies with the highest standards and building code.

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Shane is Low Pressure

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Nobody likes a high-pressure sales person. Shane will simply present the facts and you make the decisions. Shane does not use “high-pressure” scare tactics. He makes you feel comfortable, informed and in control.

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A+ Rating With the Better Business Bureau

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Warner Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. That says something after being in business for over 25 years.

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To Install a new Furnace or Central Air Unit,

call us at 801-254-6433 for a free estimate

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