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Air Conditioning Repair for Riverton, Utah

Tired of dealing with Utah’s hot weather? Is your air conditioner not properly working or on the fritz? We can help!  Warner Heating and Air provides air conditioning repair for the Riverton Utah area and its surrounding communities. We will come to your home or office and provide professional air conditioning repair quickly and effectively, so you can be comfortable again fast. We educate you on your options of repairing versus a new A/C install if needed. We will get your A/C fixed as quick as possible. Our goal is to let you make the decision that is right for you, without any high pressure sales tactics, because, let’ face it, nobody likes that.

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Our central location allows us to provide A/C repair services to the following communities near us and along the wasatch front; Draper, South Jordan, West Jordan, Salt Lake City to name a few and many more surrounding counties. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.   
Over the years, Warner Heating and Air valued customers have helped us compile “common air conditioning repair questions.” We have provided those common questions below along with detailed answers to better help you understand your air conditioning repair service. Our website is created with you, the consumer, in mind. We provide you with useful information like, how to extend the life of your ac, tips for buying central air, first of the year ac startup guide or a checklist to help do-it-yourself customers exhaust any common issues and maybe even avoid a costly repair bill. Of course we are always here and willing to take care of you and your HVAC needs. Contact us, we always look forward to working with you.

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Common Air Conditioning Repair Questions:

Is it Worth Repairing?

It really depends on which part is faulty. For example, a compressor is not worth repairing because it costs so much. Some parts are more economical and some are expensive. Our goal is to educate you and help you make the best decision possible for your circumstances.

Can You Warranty My Repair?

Replacement parts typically carry a one-year warranty. Most warranties do not cover refrigerant. We cover refrigerant on a new install repair if it’s within one year and caused by installation error.

How Much is Refrigerant?…and How Much Will it Take to Refill?

Refrigerant varies in price from season to season, depending on the type of refrigerant – R410A (the new refrigerant) or R22 (the old, slowly becoming obsolete, refrigerant). Call 801-254-6433 for current prices. As far as how much refrigerant it will take to refill, it can vary widely depending on how far down it is. It can take anywhere from 4 to 10 lbs depending on the length of the line, the type of unit and how far down it is. Typically, on repairs we add 1 to 4 lbs, to top them off, unless they’re completely empty. This is a generalization and specific results may vary.

On R22 (the old refrigerant) What Happens When it Goes Away?

There will still be R22 available indefinitely as it is recovered and recycled. However, the availability will go down and the cost will go up dramatically in the future. When we come to assess your situation, if you have an older A/C unit that uses R22, we will give you all your options to help you make the best decision about repairing or replacing your unit.

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