Top 7 FACTS to know about your Air Conditioner and extending the life of your A/C unit.

Top 7 FACTS to know about your Air Conditioner and extending the life of your Utah A/C unit.

1. On average, how many years should the life of my air conditioner last?

The average life expectancy of an air conditioner is 15-20 years with proper care and maintenance.

Confidence manager knows how to deal with some problem. Drawn arrows over concrete background show.2. What can I do to extend the life of my air conditioner?

One of the simplest ways to extend your air conditioner’s life is to keep the furnace filters changed regularly.  A dirty filter reduces airflow and increases strain on your equipment.  This can also cause your unit to stop working, or “freeze”.  It is also a good idea to check your outdoor unit and rinse off any dirt or debris on the outside of it (cottonwood can be a big problem in the spring).  Another problem that you may not think of is your dogs.  Dog urine is highly corrosive and can eat through the metal of your unit.  I have also seen problems from dogs chewing on wiring.  If you construct a barrier to protect your unit from the dog, just make sure that the airflow to the unit is not restricted.

3. How many times a year should I have my AC serviced?

We recommend having your air conditioner checked each spring.  After that initial check we would only need to check your equipment if you are experiencing problems.

4. What is the advantage of professional installation?

Because of the refrigerant used, the EPA requires that a qualified professional do the installation.  Having someone with experience will help to ensure that you have the proper equipment for your specific situation.  Having correctly sized equipment, installed by someone who will take the time to do a thorough job and test the system properly, will allow you to enjoy your home in comfort.

5. What common parts are usually in need of being replaced?

The most common parts are capacitors and fuses.  These can vary in price depending on the exact part your equipment requires.  It is also not uncommon to need to add some refrigerant to the outdoor unit.

6. How often do I need to recharge the refrigerant in my air conditioner?

In a perfect world we would never need to add refrigerant to your unit.  But in the real world there are a variety of situations that can cause leaks that would require refrigerant to be needed.

7. What benefits would I see from following a scheduled maintenance plan?

With a scheduled maintenance plan we can get your unit in working order before the rush of the season.  At a scheduled maintenance we can check the strength of your capacitor, your refrigerant levels, and the condition of your furnace filter and coil.  By identifying these issues early, you can reduce the likelihood of waiting in the heat for a service technician later on in the summer.

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