Frozen Air Conditioner? Here’s What To Do.

Frozen Air Conditioner? Here’s What To Do.

Signs that you have a frozen air conditioner and what to do are common inquiries we get at Warner Heating & Air during the summer months. Based on the common calls from our customers we have compiled a list of the top four signs that your system is frozen.

Many homeowners find themselves with a sudden air conditioner that has frozen and often wonder what to do next. We recommend to first change out your furnace air filter.

Dirty filters can block the air needing to circulate through your system. If the unit is still motionless, trying to figure out what is causing this function issue is not an easy task as there are many reasons that can contribute to a frozen air conditioner and what to do next may require special training or licensing. Calling in an HVAC professional is the best way to solve your technical a/c system issues. Warner Heating & Air has the experience, licensing and ac troubleshooting expertise to get you taken care of and back on track.

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Signs you have a frozen air conditioner and what to do:

  1. Your AC suddenly shuts off and will not restart even after you have changed your furnace filter to ensure proper air flow.
  2. You notice extreme condensation on your system. If the refrigerant is leaking or is too low you will need an inspection and or a refrigerant recharge by a licensed and certified HVAC technician.
  3. You see the evaporator coil is dirty and may be causing your ac to freeze up. A professional cleaning may be required.
  4. Your home has been extra dusty. Extremely dirty or collapsed ductwork (vents) may cause your system to stop. During a troubleshooting service call, we can determine if this is the source of your unit’s problem in functioning.


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