3 Furnace Breakdown Major Warning Signs

3 Furnace Breakdown Major Warning Signs

It’s important to understand when something may be wrong with your furnace. There are 3 Major Warning Signs of Furnace Breakdown that are common to most heating systems.

Knowing these warnings signs and how to prevent a furnace breakdown can mean the difference between minor repairs versus replacement.

Most people assume that as long as the furnace is running that’s all that matters – right? Wrong.

More often than not, a furnace that has just stopped working is a rare occurrence. It is much more common to see temperature issues, dirty ventilation, occasional malfunctioning, or decreased efficiency long before complete system failure.


Many furnace breakdown issues have causes that are entirely preventable and fixable.

Some of these causes include a buildup of dirt and debris, clogged air filters, increased usage, and thermostat malfunction. These are just a few examples of seemingly minor problems that can lead to repairs and replacements if not handled immediately.

So, the big question is, “What are the 3 Major Warnings Signs of Furnace Breakdown?

3 Major Warning Signs of Furnace Breakdown Include:

  1. Increased furnace cycles.
  2. Unusual smells or odors from your vents.
  3. Cold air inflow instead of heated air circulating.




What do I need to do if I notice any of these signs in my house or business?

Contact a professional heating company near your location or call us at 801-254-6433!

It may not seem like much, but these signs can lead to serious damage if left unchecked. When these signs are present it usually indicates problems that can shorten appliance life and result in your heating system failing completely.

Not only are you losing out on the benefits of quality temperature control and customizable comfort, you are also running the risk of paying more in your utility bills.

The good news is that many times complete system replacement can be easily avoided when you take immediate action and call in an experienced, professional HVAC technician.

At Warner Heating and Air, we specialize in furnace repair troubleshooting and if necessary replacement parts or new furnace install. Our certified technicians know the major warning signs of a furnace breakdown. We provide only the highest quality furnace tune up’s and services. During a service call, we provide you with an understanding of what needs to be fixed to help you make an educated decision by providing you with a fair no pressure estimate before any additional service work is completed.

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We recommend semi-annual maintenance. Once in the spring and again in the fall to extend the life and reliability of your furnace.

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