Servicing Your System

Servicing Your System

Servicing Your System with regular upkeep and inspections will maximize the longevity of your furnace lifespan while maintaining your unit’s efficiency.

Heating and Cooling Systems with proper monthly and semi-annual maintenance tend to be more reliable and provide the highest levels of furnace or Central Air system performance thus maximizing your comfort. There are a few maintenance steps you can do yourself and a few that require a certified and licensed HVAC technician. Warner Heating & Air has expert certified technicians with over 25 years experience and is a trusted local furnace and air conditioning company based in Riverton, Utah. Give us a call to get a service estimate or to get your maintenance appointment scheduled.

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Things you can do to service your heating and cooling system

  • Replace or clean your air filter regularly. When your system is running with a dirty air filter it increases the wear and tear on the furnace parts while your system is forced to run harder. A dirty filter will also circulate dirty air causing allergy sufferers to experience more allergy symptoms. Sometimes a dirty filter will disrupt air flow to your furnace and cause your furnace to shut off. Warner Heating & Air recommends a monthly inspection of your furnace filter as part of servicing your system. Replace your filter as needed or a minimum of once every three months. Additionally, pet owners frequently need to change their filters more often.
  • Remove debris from your indoor and outdoor systems. You want the perimeter of each unit to be free of storage items, leaves, grass clippings and provide at least a two-foot clearance area around the unit. Debris will reduce the air flow and can get sucked into your equipment causing the system to get dirty and reduce performance.
  • Open your air register vents. Proper operation of your HVAC system requires proper air flow circulating in or around the unit. Keeping at least eighty percent of your home vent registers open to allow the air flow needed to run optimally and avoid adding any additional strain on your system’s operation.
  • If you have any ceiling fans installed in your office or home you can adjust the fan speed and the spin direction according to the season. For warmer weather, create a downward draft by having the fan spin counterclockwise forcing the air down making the room feel cooler. During colder temperatures create an updraft by having the fan spin clockwise to force the warm air down into the room.
  • Have your system cleaned and Inspected semi-annually by a local, licensed, insured and bonded furnace and air conditioning company is a key component of servicing your system. The best time of year is generally once in the fall and again in the spring. A certified technician will perform a complete inspection, clean your equipment, check and test internal components to ensure they are operating at ideal levels and may identify possible issues before they become big problems.
  • Have a new smart or programmable thermostat installed. Warner Heating & Air is a Bryant® is a factory authorized dealer and has a large selection of the latest thermostats available. Programmable thermostats can help the efficiency of your system. On average, a housewise smart thermostat saves households 20% on the home’s annual heating and cooling operating costs when average temperature settings were set at 72 degrees. Of course, savings can vary and are dependant on your individual usage.

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