Humidifier, Warner Heating and Air Riverton, UtahThere are many benefits to having a whole home humidifier.

As a Bryant Indoor Air Specialist Warner Heating and Air in Riverton, Utah can give you the information you need to make the right choice for your family.

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Did you know that some cold and flu viruses thrive in low humidity?  Low humidity can also aggravate allergies and asthma. A humidifier can help your family stay healthier and breathe easier this winter. It will also help with dry skin, dry eyes, and dry mouth that are caused by low humidity. These benefits can extend to pets and plants as well.

Dry air isn’t good for your home either. Help prevent splitting and cracking in your wood and paint that can be caused by dry air. Static shocks that can damage electronics are also a side effect of low humidity.

Are you trying to lower your energy bills? You can be more energy efficient with a humidifier or a high efficiency furnace! Air with the proper amount of humidity will feel warmer than dry air. This makes it possible to lower your furnace thermostat and your energy bill!

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Why do we recommend a Bryant whole home humidifier? Because of the many benefits to keeping the correct moisture level in your home improving your indoor air quality. A humidistat will regulate the relative humidity to your comfort level. With a room humidifier it is harder to control the correct humidity and too much humidity is also a problem. With a furnace mounted humidifier your entire home you can feel the benefits throughout your house without the hassle of a localized room humidifier.

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